Which tooth replacement method is the best?

Losing a tooth is a traumatic experience for many. But you can seek professional help to replace a tooth at Vinterbro Tannlegesenter dental clinic. There are many options to choose from. Your dentist will review the best option for you after a checkup. Different methods are best for different people. You should have an idea of the different methods so that you can choose what is most appropriate for you. We will review the three main tooth replacement options. To choose the best, you need to contact a professional dentist.

Here are three main teeth replacement options that are rated the best by a professional dental board and all professional dentists at large.

1. Dental implants

This is the best method to replace several teeth at a go. Most dentists recommend it since it has minimal complications. The success rate is also higher compared to other methods of teeth replacement. You should find out from the dentist how the procedure will be carried out, the total cost and how long it will take. It is important to check with the doctor if the teeth will match with your existing teeth in terms of color. You should listen and opt for the procedure recommended by your dentist. Through their experience and training, they know what is best for any teeth problems you may be experiencing.

2. Full set procedure

Replacing the full set is possible through dentures. This is a special procedure especially for the elderly or people who have lost a complete set of teeth through accidents. There are two types of dentures, the removable dentures, and permanent dentures. Though the removable dentures are easier to clean, the fixed dentures make you feel more comfortable. They also give you a more natural feel. Removable dentures may also be misplaced or even lost and this causes inconveniences. The main advantage of dentures is that they do not need support. They can be used on their own making it possible for people who have lost the entire teeth to get help too. Due to the social responsibility of the dentists and improved technology in treatment, this method is not common nowadays. Dentists try as much as possible to save patients teeth to avoid complete removal of all the teeth.

3. Dental bridges

This method applies when only a single tooth has been removed. Some contouring on the adjacent teeth may be necessary to fit the bridges. This is the only disadvantage of this method of teeth replacement. But it is the better option compared to total removal of existing tooth so that full set replacement can be done. Getting a dental bridge will help to fill holes between the teeth. This helps to increase your self-confidence as well as enhance your beauty. According to reviews by a professional dentist, there is a high success rate in putting dental bridges as compared to other methods of tooth replacement

You should have the tooth replaced to avoid weakening of the other adjacent teeth. The gaps left between the teeth also acts as bacteria breeding grounds. Professional dental clinics have appropriate teeth replacement method for you. In case you have any problems with your teeth, you should visit a professional dental clinic for a review.