Hoaks in the Central Disaster

Indonesian society grieving. The earthquake barrage rocked large parts of Indonesia.

Cries of Lombok society and families who lost homes in the earthquake, not blithe. The houses are not yet built.

Duka was re-occur. 7.4 magnitude earthquake that devastated the city of Palu and Donggala. Homes, public buildings, hotels, car was destroyed. Thousands of lives were lost. People who are traumatized by the quake and tsunami was incalculable.

Government seeks to restore the situation quickly. The main priority is the evacuation of victims affected by the rubble, in the tsunami and evacuation of survivors.

Food aid, medicines, blankets, water, electrical generators, and communication channels continue to be brought.
Everything is not normal. Many families looking for missing family members. There are still many people who do not get help.

They complained to President Joko Widodo who visit to see first hand the process of disaster management in Palu and Donggala.

In the midst of the government and volunteers helped evacuate survivors and handling, there is a group of people who have the heart to disturb the atmosphere. Creating a new fear.

They repeatedly spread the news and videos related hoaks disaster.

 The latest news in the middle of handling hoaks Palu and Donggala earthquake is the circulation of a gripping video shows volcanic eruption annotated Soputan eruption.

 Thick clouds of black soaring, speeding cars avoid the brunt of the "wedus trash." It turned out that the video was a fake. That video is happening in South America.

Head of Data Information and Public Relations BNPB Sutopo Purwo Nugroho , immediately deflect the false news.

Not to mention the issue of disaster videos volcanoes subsided, longer circulating video stream volcanic eruption of lava from the crater. It's horrible, it hit the lava fields and villages.
Sutopo was again trying dismissed the issue is not really it.

"Soputan erupted on Wednesday (03.08.2018) at 08:47 pm. But not eject lava out of the crater. Ignore and delete if you receive this video in medsos," he pleaded Sutopo.

And on Tuesday (10/09/2019), since the morning is also circulating videos and photos mention earthquake events in Bulukumba.

Videos are very scary because it demonstrated imprisoned there people panic and damage began to occur.

Again, the video hoaks alias is not true. Sutopo re-confirmed that the incident in the video after the earthquake in Bulukumba berdar Tuesday morning not true. The earthquake did occur in Bulukumba on Tuesday morning, but caused no casualties.

It said that outstanding videos and photos are earthquakes in Donggala when hit by an earthquake of 7.4 magnitude.

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In the middle of Palu and Donggala citizens affected by the earthquake, should the public sympathy and empathy. If you are not able to give alms distributing wealth to meet their daily needs, then pray that the pain was coming to an end. Not spread fear, spread news and video hoaks more terrible disaster.

Do not let the phone overcrowded by material hoaks. Do not be lazy find out the truth of the information, if the finger can not be controlled to click the share icon. In the midst of panic, our relatives took the news really soothing.

Author: Kisdiantoro